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The Healthy Adjustable Bed

Adjustable beds are so named because they regulate the pressure according to the position of the sleeper, to ensure you sleep comfortably. Such beds are very useful for those suffering from chronic back pain and other medical conditions. Adjustable beds also have special features incorporated in them, as an electric massager, heating, mechanisms to help people get in and out of bed if you can not do without help, and so on. Adjustable beds can also be controlled via a remote control. The bed can be adjusted so that the bottom half or top half of the bed can be raised in order to maximize the patient's body parts such as legs or head. Modern adjustable beds can be customized to meet your needs, and can be very helpful in promoting recovery from illness or accident. There are many health benefits of adjustable beds, and is incredibly comfortable sleeping in this bed is how it works ...

The use of an adjustable bed

Adjustable beds are basically beds fitted with electric motors, which help to achieve the desired settings, with the help of a hand-held remote.

The mechanism of Adjustable Bed
Adjustable beds are available in many types - the two pictures, the three frames, or five frames. The comfort level increases with the number of frames in bed. This is because, according to the number of individual frames, flexibility and range of motion offered by the bed increases accordingly. Therefore, read the five adjustable frame will be more comfortable. Electric motors are used to increase or decrease the image you want. The two tables have the advantage over you again the support and the bottom bracket is in your life. The three tables that have the top of the upper body support, the central part of the lumbar support and knees lower support frame. The five are part of the framework that will provide maximum comfort, from the first frame to support the head and neck, the second at his back, the third box in the lower back and hips, under a quarter of the upper limbs, ie, thighs and legs fifth frame support.

Adjustable beds are mounted on a frame, and must be combined with the right mattress, in order to achieve maximum comfort. The frames are powered by AC or DC, helping to move and adapt. Frames can be adjusted using the remote control to sit at certain angles you want, to help relieve the patient's pain. The next question is the engine. They also come with their abilities, and if the engine bed is not powerful enough to manage your weight, wear out much faster than it should. His height and weight should be measured by the company tailors the bed for you. Some companies offer a large series engine that drives up the cost of the bed, and it is not necessary if you weigh less than 15 stones. AC motors are more durable than DC motors, but at the same time, the DC motor is less expensive and noisy compared to AC motors. The five bed frame is the best and most recommended, since the two bed frame is very limited in their flexibility, while three-bedroom frame puts much pressure on your lower back.

The concept
Adjustable beds work on the concept of reshaping the body by adjusting the pressure according to their position during sleep. Adjustable beds usually come with a memory foam mattress, slowly adapting to pressure exerted by the body, unlike the spring in the right, in its original position immediately after pressure is applied, causing discomfort to the person who sleeps. Adjustable beds to work in an air suspension system, which interprets the pressure on the mattress and spread evenly, depending on your sleeping position. This means that the mattress is formed according to the contours of your body, instead of being flat and rigid. The mattress is crushed when he is in it, and the cells of the mattresses are designed to operate in such a way that distributes the pressure to neighboring cells so that the pressure does not build in the most important pressure points of the body. The material used for making mattresses, memory foam is visco-elastic polyurethane derived. This makes them soft and flexible with increasing temperature. When a person sleeps on this mattress, your body heat causes the temperature of the mattress to increase, making it more flexible. Sleeping on an adjustable bed gives you the freedom to sleep in the most natural way possible, without being stiff muscles the next morning. Sleeping on natural and comfortable position reduces stress on the muscles up to 85%!

Why choose an adjustable bed

These are just some of the reasons why you should opt for an adjustable bed. They have many health benefits, besides being very comfortable to sleep in a couple of health benefits are:
* The most important advantage is that it helps relieve back pain. Also "is known to relieve arthritis problems, sleep apnea, asthma and edema.
* Relieves pain and swelling of the extremities, and also reduces inflammation, helping to lift the body when needed.
* It makes life more comfortable for people who are temporarily or permanently bedridden. Everyday activities like sleeping, reading in bed, eat in bed, watching TV in bed, it is much easier and very convenient, since the adjustable beds to accommodate the pressure against the weight of the mold of the person and position, making it very comfortable.
* Added functions that can be used by the patient, such as mechanisms to help you get out of bed and if you have difficulty doing this, massage, heat, pressure regulators, lifting mechanisms, etc.
* Helps prevent acid reflux and heartburn, increased level of the head above the rest of the body.
* Helps to heal the pain of body and stiffness of muscles and relieves tension.
* You can help correct poor posture, and a person can enjoy a comfortable sleep, despite having poor posture, since the bed is adjusted according to the position of the bed, so you will not wake up with stiffness and pain.
* These beds are extremely effective in reducing joint pain that occurs in the lower back, knees and spine.


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